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Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: Management Strategies

When it comes to managing diabetic peripheral neuropathy, this panel of experts encorages you to think of this like any other neuropathic pain.  For example, if you prescribe medications, it should be ones that reduce neural transmission.

Learn the most current management strategies recommended by pain specialists in this video roundtable discussion from the Practical Pain Highlights series.

Joseph Shurman, MD directs the discussion; he is the Chairman of Pain Management at Scripps Memorial Hospital (La Jolla, CA).

Dr. Shurman is joined by:

  • Sunil J. Panchal MD:  President, National Institute of Pain in Lutz, FL
  • Forest Tennant, MD, DPH: Intractable pain specialist at the Veract Clinic in West Covina, CA

The panel discusses when short-acting opioids are appropriate—and when long-acting opioids should be used. Watch this video to get practical tips on how you can incorporate long-acting opioids into the treatment plans of appropriately-selected patients.

Last updated on: November 20, 2012
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