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Opioid Safety Video Roundtable for Primary Care Physicians

Long-acting Opioids, Monitoring Opioid Use, and How to Safely Discontinue Opioids

In this video roundtable made for primary care physicians treating chronic pain patients, a panel of pain experts discusses opioid safety.

They cover:

  • Should you be prescribing long-acting opioids?
  • What are the best opioid monitoring methods?
  • When do you seek outside consultation?
  • Should you prescribe methadone?
  • How do you safely take a patient off opioids?

Learn these answers and more as you get essential information on prescribing opioids.


In this video series:

When are long-acting opioids appropriate for the chronic pain patient? A panel of pain experts discusses the use of long-acting opioids and gives tips on their use in the primary care setting.
Urine screens? Will those reduce opioid diversion? A panel of pain experts discusses how best to monitor your pain patients using opioids.
When should you seek consultation from a pain specialist on opioid prescriptions and treatment? Watch this video roundtable of pain experts to hear when they can help.
Should you be prescribing methadone? It's a complicated medication, and in this video roundtable, a panel of pain experts discuss when it should be used.
Is an opioid working in your chronic pain patient? How do you know if you should discontinue opioid therapy? Hear pain experts discuss this critical question.
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