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Fibromyalgia Video Roundtable for Primary Care Physicians

Diagnosis, Management, and Co-morbidities

Get practical information on fibromyalgia management from pain experts. This video series for primary care providers addresses diagnosis, medications, exercise, other treatments, and co-morbidities.

Every video in this fibromyalgia series includes tips you can implement today in your practice.

In this video series:

Part 2 of a video addressing fibromyalgia co-morbidities, including depression. To fully address a fibromyalgia patient's pain, it's often necessary to address the psychological effects of their condition.
In this video roundtable discussion, hear pain experts discuss how to diagnose fibromyalgia, including current diagnostic criteria (such as the American College of Rheumatology augmented criteria). Should you use the tender points? What about the WPI?
How do you manage the fibromyalgia patient? Pain experts explain current and effective fibromyalgia treatments in this video discussion. Covers medications, sleep hygiene, graded exercise, and psychological interventions.
Video covers most common fibromyalgia co-morbidities, including sleep apnea and endocrine abnormalities. Get recommendations on what labs to order for your fibromyalgia patient.
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