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All Rehabilitation Articles

Posture plays a significant role in the development of pain and is critical to pain management. Tips on teaching your patients good posture, including the use of postural devices
An update on the use of core muscle strengthening and lumbar spinal stabilization for patients with low back pain or other indications of spinal musculo-skeletal dysfunction.
Re-activation of the deep local stabilizing muscles of the spine has been demonstrated to be an essential part of rehabilitation for the musculoskeletal system and, in particular, mechanical spine pain.
Y-Pep, a Canadian community-based program for chronic pain patients, provides hope, improves physical function, pain tolerance, and coping skills. Read review of this program to consider if you could use something like it in your pain practice.
It is well understood that muscle imbalances or dysfunctions have high corollaries to pain, joint erosion, and pathologies.1 I will introduce a newer and duplicatable pain treatment method called Brain-Body Calibration (BBC) and provide three examples at the end of this paper for clinicians to begin implementing this technique for patient pain relief.
Physical therapy has evolved as a supportive specialty of medicine and contributes expertise in multi-modal treatment techniques and therapies that specifically target painful conditions.
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