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All Rehabilitation Articles

The value of physical therapy to deliver restorative care and rehabilitation for chronic pain of musculoskeletal conditions is expected to grow as our population ages.
To prevent or reduce pain in older adults, physicians should recommend regular physical activity—adapted to the patient's fitness level—rather than remaining sedentary.
The best way to help your patients preserve function and mental status is to encourage them to exercise—even light exercise can help chronic pain patients
Kern Olson, PhD, a pain psychologist, interviews Brad G. Simpson, DPT, his physical therapist who helped him recover from degenerative lumbar disc disease.
Learn how to get patients to pick up fun sports and hobbies that also strengthen their core, lighten their mood, and reduce their pain.
In part two of our series on kinesiology learn more about the role of balance on pain and how to improve balance issues.
Technology, like smartphones and Fitbit, are changing the way healthcare is being practiced. Learn how you can incorporate technology into your practice and how to engage and motivate patients into their own care.
Kinesiology melds movement and physical activity to enhance the quality of life of chronic pain patients. Learn more about how kinesiology and how it can be applied in your practice
Learn how physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), or physiatry, helps restore and enhance functional ability and quality of life for patients with physical disabilities or impairment.
Learn more about an interdisciplinary rehabilitation in pain management—from epidurals to nerve blocks to osteopathic manipulation.