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All Pharmacological Articles

The agency said it will continue to evaluate the use of market drugs and take regulatory action where needed.
With opioid misuse and abuse on the rise, other opioid receptors may be targeted for pain relief.
Knowing a patient has consumed their prescribed medication may prevent improper diversion of pills and overdose.
If approved by FDA, IV tramadol would be the first Schedule IV intravenous opioid in the US.
AcelRx is planning on resubmitting an NDA for DSUVIA to FDA in Q2 2018.
Elevated use of gabapentinoid misuse and abuse may be a problem with monitoring opioids.
Small doses could help children suffering from various types of inflammation and pain.
For the rare complex regional pain syndrome, help may be on the way in the form of this cannabidiol.
With appropriate treatment and follow-up, individuals can reach sustained long-term remission from OUD.
Nonopioid Management Just as Impactful as Opioids for Knee/OA Pain
New lead into understanding the pathophysiology of opioid physical dependence
Chronic neuropathy treatment does not offer much pain relief for patients.
Further studies of the long-term use of cyclobenzaprine for chronic pain management are needed to confirm its efficacy.
The use of cigarettes to alleviate chronic pain may be increasing patients' symptoms and putting them at higher risk of opioid misuse. and upping their risk of opioid misuse.
Opioid antagonists, such as naltrexone and naloxone, may help reduce side effects and address drug deficiencies in chronic pain treatment.
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