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14 Articles in Volume 12, Issue #2
Chronic Pain in the Elderly: Special Challenges
Chronic Pain School
Diagnosis and Management Of Myofascial Pain Syndrome
ECG Screening Prior to Initiating Methadone: Is it Really Necessary?
HCG and Testosterone
How to Manage Unmotivated Pain Patients
March 2012 Pain Research Updates
Methadone for Pain Management
PPM Editorial Board Discusses Methadone Prescription Safety Measures
PPM Launches Online Opioid Calculator
Spontaneous Low Back Pain, Radiculopathy, And Weakness in a 28-Year-Old
Tapering a Patient Off Opioids
The Comorbidity of Chronic Pain and Mental Health Disorders: How to Manage Both
What Are Best Safety Practices For Use of Methadone In the Treatment Of Pain?

ECG Screening Prior to Initiating Methadone: Is it Really Necessary?

Editor's Memo from March 2012
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This editor takes patient safety very seriously; therefore, we dedicate a large portion of this month’s issue to addressing the safety concerns surrounding methadone dosing and use among chronic pain patients. For more on these issues, please read an excellent review of methadone by Courtney Kreuger, PharmD, which highlights many of the safety concerns regarding the use of methadone in a pain setting. In addition, please refer to our interview with Lynn Webster, MD, and Mary Lynn McPherson, PharmD, on best safety practices. Lastly, Practical Pain Management has developed a unique Opioid Conversion Calculator, which was launched on last month. Developed by Michael Brennan, MD, MS; Jeffrey Fudin, BS, PharmD; and Ruth J. Perkins, BS, MA, PharmD, the calculator will enable clinicians to safely convert morphine equivalents to other opioids. (Read the interview with the opioid calculator developers.)

Last updated on: March 19, 2012