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In a close vote, panel members remain divided. More news coming soon.
While opioid prescribing rates decreased over a nine-year period, certain factors led to differences in prescribing.
While use was associated with reduced pain and improved physical functioning, there was an increased incidence of vomiting.
Buvidal is the latest opioid dependence and withdrawal medication currently in the pipeline.
What are the associations of opioid use disorder with outcomes of cardiovascular surgery?
Dr. Mary Lynn McPherson's second edition of her book, focusing on opioid conversion, offers healthcare providers strategies for calculating and prescribing opioid dosages.
Opioid use disorder (OUD) is on the rise among pregnant women: what clinicians can do to help monitor and treat pain in female patients.
Pain practitioners should turn to VA resources when assessing and treating chronic pain in Veterans.
Common characteristics of opioid misusers among college students were found in a new study.
Inside abuse-deterrent formulations – and their potential impact on the opioid epidemic.
Despite evidence of benefitting OUD, MAT treatments are not made available to the vast majority of patients.
What do patients really think about opioid vs non-opioid medications for chronic pain?
Alternative therapies for MSK pain, osteoarthritis, post-herpetic neuralgia, and peripheral neuropathy.
Chronic pain remains the same or gets better after stopping opioid treatment, according to a new study.
Medications which are commonly prescribed to people with dementia have been linked to an increase in harmful side-effects.