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All Manipulation and Massage Articles

A comparative effectiveness controlled trial evaluated the addition of chiropractic care to usual medical care for patients suffering from low back pain.
How to apply an osteopathic approach to plantar fasciitis.
As Performing Arts Medicine gains attention, specific pain care approaches are needed to prevent and treat related MSK injuries in instrumentalists, dancers, and other artists.
Addressing potential underlying causes of OIC may remove symptomatic roadblocks.
Manual therapy presents a non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive approach to treatment of head, neck, and facial pain, including headaches, by treating the cause(s) of pain and restoring mobility.
Learn how osteopathic manipulative treatment can be used for the effective treatment of low back pain.
Learn how a combination of acupressure and osteopathic manipulation effectively helps patients with lumbar disc herniation.
This case report below describes how a team of clinicians unravels the underlying pathology in ta patient with atlas subluxation.
When added to standard pain treatments, massage therapy can improve outcomes. Article focuses on chronic low back pain and massage.
A growing body of research shows massage therapy can be an effective part of pain relief and management. This research data, and the experience of physicians, massage therapists, and patients should encourage pain specialists to consider incorporating massage therapy into their pain management programs.
Osteopathic manipulation is useful as an adjunct to other treatments for acute and chronic pain and plays an important role in algorithms for back pain and other conditions that cause musculoskeletal pain.
Article provides an overview of osteopathic principles and practices to help patients manage pain.
Osteopathic manipulative medicine can be a useful tool in the diagnostic and therapeutic management of various mechanical low back disorders.
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