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All Interventional Pain Management Articles

Another study showed that BurstDR revitalized pain relief in those switched from other spinal cord stimulation devices.
Surgical interventions, often used low back pain, were not effective in reducing chronic pain for some patients.
Trial will examine SynchroMed II as an opioid alternative for chronic back pain.
Researchers use an intercostal nerve block to aid diagnosis of slipping rib syndrome.
As steroids injected into the epidural space are not FDA-approved, clinicians must carefully outline the risks ahead of time.
Stimwave has received FDA clearance for the WaveCrest Mobile iOS platform patient controller for opioid-free pain management.
FDA has approved Medtronic's myPTM, which works with the company's SynchroMed II intrathecal drug delivery system.
Research is showing that dorsal root ganglion stimulation provides long-term relief with few complications.
New guidelines have been released for ketamine infusions when used as a chronic pain treatment.
The recent potential of SCS means clinicians are looking to implement them earlier in a patient's treatment plan.
This non-invasive treatment offers an interesting pathway to future research for chronic lower back pain.
New wearable neurostimulation device helps to manage opioid withdrawal symptoms.
High-frequency stimulation improved chronic neuropathic pelvic pain in this case series review.
Promising results of GAE means future interventions in clinical settings.
An overview of current approaches in intrathecal drug delivery for cancer pain management.
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