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All Interventional Pain Management Articles

New guidelines have been released for ketamine infusions when used as a chronic pain treatment.
The recent potential of SCS means clinicians are looking to implement them earlier in a patient's treatment plan.
This non-invasive treatment offers an interesting pathway to future research for chronic lower back pain.
New wearable neurostimulation device helps to manage opioid withdrawal symptoms.
High-frequency stimulation improved chronic neuropathic pelvic pain in this case series review.
Promising results of GAE means future interventions in clinical settings.
An overview of current approaches in intrathecal drug delivery for cancer pain management.
Visualizing and pain mapping complicated chronic pain conditions may help treatment approaches. A case study model is presented.
With the COMPEL study, more clinical data is provided for prolonged use of botox injections for migraine treatment.
When chronic pain begins to affect sleep patterns, induce depression, challenge functionality, or determine medication use, a comprehensive care plan may help to ward off suicidal thoughts.
Step-by-step instructions for how to perform superficial radial nerve injection using cross-linked hyaluronic acid (Restylane or Juvéderm) for treatment of neuropathic pain.
Case report of the use of cross-linked hyaluronic acid injection technique to treat postsurgical neuropathic pain that provided prolonged, significant relief without adverse side effects.
For patients with chronic radicular pain, axial pain, and patients who are not candidates for surgery, spinal cord stimulation can be a safe and effective therapy. Learn more about patient selection and screening.
Treating chronic neuropathic pain syndromes with a novel, nonpharmacologic approach: scrambler therapy, that offers patients a non-invasive, individualized technique for significantly reducing pain.
Case presentations demonstrate effectiveness of AmnioFix, a micronized dehydrated amniotic allograft, in reducing foot and ankle pain when conservative therapies fail to help.