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The tertiary effects of phototherapy—namely, immune system stimulation, increases in endorphin production, and lymphatic stimulation—help to attain optimal clinical outcomes.
Lasers provide a simple, and effective, non-invasive alternative to needle acupuncture in treating musculoskeletal pain.
An effective non-surgical treatment option for golf-related injuries, including low back pain, lateral and medial epicondylitis, wrist ligament injuries, shoulder injuries, and other musculoskeletal joint pain.
A review of the historical generations of laser technology that leads up to the present. Lasers can be used in pain management in treating chronic or intractable pain.
This new class of therapeutic lasers of laser therapy delivers higher-powered penetrating infrared energy to deeper target sites, as well as shortening treatment times for wide area applications. Therapeutic lasers can be used for chronic pain patients.
The Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) infrared laser provides the deepest penetration of body tissue of any laser currently available and can be utilized in treating a wide range of painful conditions.
Lasers may be used to bring chronic pain relief. Article addresses pain relief strategies using a continuous output gallium-aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs) laser.
Effects at the cellular level increase ATP energy and DNA synthesis and benefit acute and chronic musculoskeletal aches and pains, chronic inflammation, acute soft-tissue injuries, as well as other conditions.
A review of seminal works on the theory of non-mechanistic, quantum physics effects of low level energy on biological systems.
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