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Low level laser therapy helps reduce postherpetic neuralgia pain (following shingles) and offers clinicians an effective adjunct to conventional therapies.
Parents of children with JIA often turn to complementary and alternative approaches to handle their child’s disease. Family values and resources play a critical role in determining which integrative therapies to recommend first. Therefore, forming a collaborative partnership with patients and their families is essential for avoiding “treatment fatigue” and improving overall success.
Harp music used as a form of therapy can reduce pain and anxiety, enhancing quality of life.
Ask the Expert: a pain management specialist answers a question about what to do with the patient who insists on only alternative treatments.
This article explores the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine’s efforts to provide evidence-based rationale for CAM therapies.
Exploring the use of quantum-based energy medicine modalities for the treatment of pain in clinical practice.
Most clinicians who practice pain management are familiar with the contributions of Drs.
The application of shockwave myotripsy in the treatment of enthesopathic and/or tendinopathic lesions is becoming more popular. Learn more in this article.
Foods can stimulate inflammation and lead to the development of a chronic pro-inflammatory state. Article details the importance of consuming anti-inflammatory foods.
The first article in a 3-part series focuses on the clinical benefits of shock wave therapy for conditions that historically have been recalcitrant to conventional treatments.
Medical devices that administer electricity, or an agent derived from electricity, have evolved over the years. Learn more in the October 2012 Editor's Memo.
Article highlights 5 stories of patients who used music therapy to help manage their various types of chronic pain.
Debilitating foot and ankle pain are the bane of many patients. One potential less-invasive treatment option is the use of low-energy light.
Letters to the Editor from the November/December 2011 issue of Practical Pain Management.
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