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A New Digital Therapeutic for Opioid Use Disorder

reSET-O encourages cognitive behavioral therapy guidelines along with medication-assisted treatment

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Recently approved by FDA,1 the reSET-O from Pear Therapeutics (Boston, MA) is a prescription software designed to help providers in the management of patients with opioid use disorder (OUD). Available from the Google Play or Apple App store, the app guides patient users through a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program which includes positive reinforcement and communication. The app may be used as an adjunct to outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), or as contingency management for patients 18 years or older.

Over a 12-week interval, reSET-O delivers CBT through a series of interactive therapy lessons, including skill-building exercises mostly in the form of text or audio (with accompanying videos, animations, and graphics). The app encourages clinician-patient communication by providing patients the opportunity to report cravings and triggers while reinforcing buprenorphine use when necessary. The app even rewards users when they have negative urine screenings.

Recently FDA-approved, reSET-O encourages CBT guidelines to coincide with opioid use disorder treatment. (Source: 123RF)

The FDA approval of reSET-O comes alongside a NIDA-sponsored clinical trial evaluating the digital therapeutic in 170 patients with OUD over a 12-week period. Patients were randomized to receive either treatment-as-usual (TAU), consisting of standard clinician interactions in conjunction with buprenorphine, or reSET-O with standard clinician interactions in conjunction with buprenorphine. Patients randomized to the reSET-O CBT therapy (when used with outpatient treatment and contingency management) significantly improved retention compared to patients treated with buprenorphine plus contingency management alone.

“Digital technologies and data science have incredible potential to unlock the next chapter of medical innovation and to help individuals finally take control of their own health in a meaningful way,” said Richard Francis, CEO at Sandoz, a division of Pear Therapeutics. “New digital therapeutics such as reSET-O also have the potential to fundamentally change how patients interact with their therapies and thus improve patient outcomes.”

Last updated on: January 23, 2019
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