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This article explains the some of the basic, common-sense criteria for referring a patient to a pain treatment clinic.
Article explains how to understand unconscious interpersonal defensive responses in a chronic pain practice to improve interactions.
The former head of the largest pain clinic in Central Europe offers observations on multi-disciplinary treatment modalities evolving over the past 25 years.
Casa Palmera has become a model center for the treatment of comorbid chronic pain, substance dependence, eating disorders, and emotional trauma by bringing together the best of Eastern and Western medicine with neuroscience.
Article addresses the multidisciplinary pain medicine fellowship: Will it change the practice of pain medicine?
Article explains how the Share the Risk Model is used in pain management in a dedicated facility. this article is a first in a series of case reports.
In the last article, I discussed medical necessity since the OIG 2008 Work plan will focus on pain management clinics. Medical necessity definitions vary from one payer to the next. Fortunately, Medicare—and most Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans—publish their definitions.
As the healthcare world transitions to EMRs, it's more important than ever to have consistent documentation in proving compliant patient care.
With a designated pain professional and appropriate safeguards, a pain management program can be successfully integrated into a multi-physician primary care clinic.
A pain management specialist reviews billing and coding requirements for the interventional pain management field.
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