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While the physician may conduct the IT trial and implant, PAs, NPs, and RNs often provide follow-up, patient education, and technical care of the pump.
It is clear that physicians spend too much time on administrative tasks.
Physician burnout is a reality, and it comes at the expense of many pain patients.
Recognizing, preventing, and treating physician burnout should be a priority to all pain practitioners.
The Share the Risk model focuses on providing chronic pain patients with a more comprehensive look, including legal and ethical considerations as well as cognitive and psychological profiles, at why and when they may require opioids.
Two new pain management technologies make it easier to take prescriptions and respond to opioid overdose, including through administration of naloxone and direct observational therapy.
ADC Chair Dan Cohen calls on the use of abuse-deterrent technologies to help deter patients and users from opioid misuse, abuse, and addiction.
The American Society of Clinical Oncology aims to improve pain practice guidelines and management with new initiatives.
CDC opioid prescribing guidelines continue to make it difficult for pain management practices. This report provides an inside look at what chronic pain patients and their practitioners are facing.
Clinic guest-dosing and advance planning may help pain and addiction treatment centers to continue providing services when a natural disaster strikes.
Big data and new devices may allow for practitioners to track patient adherence to medication, change payment models, and improve health outcomes.
Dr. Forest Tennant addresses public and practitioner concerns over morphine equivalent dosing, opioid tapering, and depressed testosterone levels.
Physicians who listen to and heed patient functioning and feedback will assure quicker, more effective pain management.
REMS, TIRF, CDC Guidelines—there is a lot that pain specialist must manage outside of their daily practice. To help, Jeff Gudin, MD, and other pain specialists rely on the expertise of specialized pain pharmacies.
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