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It Hurts: A New Practical Guide on Pain Management

A new book's case studies and discussions provide insight into the philosophical, physiological, and historical underpinnings of pain and pain management.

An excerpt* from the preface of It Hurts: A Practical Guide for Pain Management (WellBridge Books, 2018). 

Read more about Kern A. Olson, PhD, the author.

When I started this journey of writing this book I wanted to make a unique contribution to the pain management literature.  I did not want to write another workbook.  There are a number of good ones already published.  So I thought I would write a type of narrative that would focus on the key factors about pain management that might appeal to the more curious pain patient and to providers who might not yet have been exposed to a practical overview of the essential elements in how to work with pain patients.  I wanted the reader to experience a conversation with me about pain and how to manage pain, both from a psychological and physical viewpoint.  I strongly feel that credible information about pain is the most important tool for health providers and patients alike.

I have been a Clinical Health Psychologist for over 30 years with a specialty in pain management and a sub-specialty in sleep.  I became interested in sleep since most of my pain patients reported a sleep issue as a result of their pain.  After 30 years of experience, I felt that I had enough experience to share what I have learned as a provider and as a pain patient myself.  This book was written for two primary audiences.  First, I wanted health providers who work with pain patients to have first hand “how to” information.  Second, I wanted pain patients themselves to be able to access more information and understanding about their own pain management issues.

This book is divided into three main sections.  The first four chapters I call the core chapters.  These chapters form the philosophical, physiological and historical underpinnings of pain and pain management.  The second section contains the specialty chapters that are important to understanding the various aspects of the different types or categories of pain patients.  The third section is case studies.

I hope after reading this book, the health provider will appreciate the immense complexity of pain management and will become a more effective provider.  For the patient who experiences recurrent pain on a daily basis, I would hope the knowledge obtained from this book would provide important tools for your pain management toolbox. 

The title for this book It Hurts comes from our collective childhoods.  I would guess the first time you described pain was something like, “It hurts, Mommy!”  This book is designed with that sentiment in mind and I hope the understanding of that hurt will be addressed satisfactorily to the reader.  I hope you will learn as much from this book as I have learned in writing it.


It Hurts: A Practical Guide for Pain Management is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and more.

*Excerpt printed with permission from the author.




Last updated on: August 24, 2018
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