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14 Articles in Volume 19, Issue #1
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Regenerative Medicine
The Future of Pain Management
Whole Body Vibration: Potential Benefits in the Management of Pain and Physical Function

The Future of Pain Management

Industry experts Jianguo Cheng, Stefan Evers, W. Clay Jackson, Lynn Kohan, William Maixner, Paula Marchetta, and more share their visions.
Pages 25-33
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Pain management expanded in the 1960s with electrotherapy and biofeedback. In the 1990s, unfortunately, the expansion was with opioids and mood-altering drugs, which created far worse problems. Now, we are on the threshold of major improvements to reduce physiologic stress and narcotic addiction. Refinements in electrotherapy are likely to include pulsed electromagnetic frequency, which has become more popular and effective than transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation; Sapphire enhanced Scalar may be equally beneficial as it reduces all biochemical reactions to stress.

*In late January 2019, after this issue went to press, AIPM announced it would be dissolving.

Last updated on: February 20, 2019
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