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11 Articles in Volume 6, Issue #7
An Overview of Sleep Medications
Editor's Memo
Ernest Syndrome and Insertion of the SML at the Mandible
Low Level Laser Therapy – A Clinician’s View
Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET): A Tutorial
Observational Study of Dural Punctures
Pain as Disease and Illness: Part Two
Practice Patterns of Clinicians Treating Vulvar Pain
Share the Risk Model
Treating Sports-related Injury and Pain with Light Therapy
Using Topiramate in the Treatment of Migraine

Editor's Memo

Forest Tennant, MDUntil just lately, over-zealous bureaucrats and regulators have forced the pain field to focus more on self-protection than patient protection. Described in this issue is an innovative network of doctors in San Diego County, “Share the Risk Model” by Shurman et al, which facilitates referrals, second opinions, and tests for about everything possible just to prescribe to pain patients a few Vicodin

Last updated on: February 22, 2011
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