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Michigan and North Carolina legislation taking effect in 2018 places new prescribing and filling requirements on physicians and pharmacies.
A randomized pediatric trial examined the effect of the opioid-sparing medication on appendectomy patients.
SAMHSA has updated its final rule on substance use disorder and patient confidentiality, easing practitioners' ability to share patient information with caregivers and providers.
Prescribed opioid alternatives such as pregabalin and gabapentin have risen significantly since 2002.
Pain Prescribing By Phone Best Avoided despite the ease of texting and expediency of placing an order.
Consensus on best practices for addressing red flag behaviors in pain patients who seek long-acting opioids.
An experimental heroin analog may provide a new tool in the prevention of opioid addiction and improvement of withdrawal symptoms.
As the year comes to a close, Practical Pain Management
After the alleged Trump ban on evidence- and science-based terminology, clinicians weigh in on the importance of their approach in practical medicine.
FDA expanded their policy guidance on the use of stem cells and tissue products in regenerative medicine
Half of pain patients discontinued use of opioids, and another 30% were able to transition off all pain medication, according to OPERA study authors
Cone snail venom offers new therapeutic - and opioid alternative - possibilities for neutralizing chronic pain.
Consensus recommendations for the best way to employ urine drug monitoring when prescribing opioids for patients with chronic pain in primary care.
Patients who use street drugs, particularly meth are at increased risk for heart failure and should be directed to rehab programs.
Researchers presented a methodology for stimulating new tissue formation based on cyclical hydrostatic pressure, perhaps leading to cartilage regeneration as a means to restore joint health.