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MyDx Cannabis Formula Trial for Pain Management Gets Under Way
Using a multidimensional approach to assessing pain, like the CAPA tool, will assure better pain care than relying on the numerical pain scale.
Significant time delays found among subgroup populations in first on-treatment for chronic pain associated with sickle cell disease pain
Spinal cord stimulators continue to grow as a treatment for chronic pain.
Technology designed for chronic pain care providers' practices to improve communication, documentation, and record-keeping.
The race to unravel the kappa opioid receptor to find adverse-free alternatives to chronic pain treatment is gaining traction.
Centrexion Therapeutics is dedicating $67 million to Phase 3 studies for relieving chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis.
A brief self-assessment, the COMM-9, is effective as an opioid monitoring tool use with equal accuracy in the pain management setting.
SAMHSA has updated its final rule on substance use disorder and patient confidentiality, easing practitioners' ability to share patient information with caregivers and providers.
Prescribed opioid alternatives such as pregabalin and gabapentin have risen significantly since 2002.
There is a complex relationship between chronic pain, yet long-term health matters more than perceived lost pleasure to most smokers.
Patients with chronic low back pain participated in a spa and exercise therapy trial to determine the program's effect on pain scale and return to work.
Michigan and North Carolina legislation taking effect in 2018 places new prescribing and filling requirements on physicians and pharmacies.
A randomized pediatric trial examined the effect of the opioid-sparing medication on appendectomy patients.
Pain Prescribing By Phone Best Avoided despite the ease of texting and expediency of placing an order.
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