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Better interventions are needed to prevent physical inactivity among geriatrics with and without knee pain
A recent study differentiates cardiovascular risk among individual NSAIDs, leading to new safety protocols
A rural primary care office tested pain management and opioid weaning through a proposed office model.
New 10,000-person study by Evidation Health (Discover project) aims to better understand real-life chronic patient outcomes.
With Irwin Jon Russell, MD While widespread musculoskeletal pain and joint tenderness is the hallmark of fibromyalgia, mood and cognitive changes are often present as well. However, there are other common comorbidities that typically arise with fibromyalgia (FM) that deserve equal attention.
Sleep is a good mediator between children with PTSD and chronic pain, needing further examination
For frequent sufferers of cluster headaches, SPG stimulation may be an effective therapy to lessen pain and improve quality of life.
Chronic back pain symptoms that mimic restless legs syndrome may be "restless back" and treatable with dopaminergic drugs.
Patients with chronic pelvic pain experienced less pain severity, improved quality of life, and lower health care utilization at an interdisciplinary treatment center.
The FDA reports of opioid compounds found in kratom, underscoring its health risk as an addiction treatment.
Perfectionism appears linked to teens’ chronic pain-related dysfunction, requiring appropriate therapy to address fear and catastrophizing.
Patients having bariatric surgery experienced significantly improved pressure pain thresholds and greater overall pain relief, leading to better central sensitization.
Researchers assessed the potential relationship between practitioner burnout and patient-reported pain relief.
The illegal distribution and marketing of alleged opioid addiction and withdrawal products has drawn federal attention.
Biologics, monoclonal antibody therapies that promise targeted treatment for atopic dermatitis, are emerging as the treatment to follow as clinical trials are completed.