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Defining Pain Chronification

April 5, 2018
An international group of clinicians reviews what primary care and non-pain experts need to know

A PPM Brief

In case you missed it, a group of international physicians led by Morlion et al, at the  Leuven Centre for Algology and Pain Management in Belgium, published a brief in early March on pain chronification and what the non-pain medicine specialist needs to know. 

The goal was to share a narrative overview of pain chronification, including underlying physiological and psychosocial processes, predictive factors, and preventive strategies, and the role of primary care physicians and non-pain medicine specialists in the holistic management of pain chronification.

Their paper concluded that “early intervention plays an important role in preventing pain chronification and noted the critical role that primary care physicians play in managing acute pain patients appropriately. The group also put forth a proposed definition of pain chronification:

“Pain chronification describes the process of transient pain progressing into persistent pain; pain processing changes as a result of an imbalance between pain amplification and pain inhibition; genetic, environmental and bio-psychosocial factors determine the risk, the degree, and time-course of chronification.”

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Last updated on: April 6, 2018
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