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Preventable deaths due to opioids are far higher in rural counties compared to urban counties, and now significantly outweigh the overall national death rate.
The US Food and Drug Administration has released a new guidance document recommending a new naming system for current and future biological products.
New report in studies the organizations that submitted criticisms over the CDC guidelines for opioid management of chronic noncancer pain.
While well known as a significant factor in overall health, Vitamin D deficiency may contribute to more frequent headaches, especially in patients underexposed to sunlight.
The number of people affected by hearing loss is rising, with the numbers doubling between 2000 and 2015. A Harvard study on the duration of use and type of analgesia were compared among women in the Nurse's Health Study. The finding suggest a small but noticeable loss of hearing among women who regularly took OTC pain relievers for 6 years or more.
New epidemiological evidence suggests that patients who are at higher risk for long-term opioid abuse may be the same patients who are prescribed opioid medications for an extended period of time.
Arymo ER (morphine sulfate) has been FDA approved for the management of severe pain.
New data support significant benefit from botulinum toxin A as a single-dose injection to relieve pain and improve mobility in refractory knee osteoarthritis.
Practical Pain Management commentary in which Drs. Fudin, Wegrzyn, and Kwon discuss topics related to the recent report on plaque psoriasis therapies published by the ICER.
Managing moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in patients often calls for the use of systemic therapies, and the market of available drugs for this condition has widened dramatically in recent years.
New research is challenging the notion breast cancer survivors at risk or diagnosed with lymphedema should stay away from upper body resistance training.
Review of the phase 2 results of crizanlizumab, a novel pharmaceutical agent for the prevention of vaso-occlusive crises in patients suffering from sickle cell disease.
According to a major international epidemiological study, back pain and mental health appear highly associated, particularly in countries with low median incomes.
Learn more about the results of the first national survey comparing pain in veteran and nonveteran populations.
Physicians should screen for abuse and traumatic events among their chronic pain patients, and focus therapy on both the physical and mental conditions.