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The American College of Physicians' new guidelines make a strong case for the use of nonpharmacological therapies as a first-line option for treating nonspecific low back pain in patients.
In patients with a traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI), researchers identified characteristics that may guide who is most likely to misuse pain medications.
A new study has examined what role pain catastrophizing behaviors could have on the functional outcomes of patients living with chronic pain and has found age could be a significant factor.
Evaluating oral fluid samples revealed that hydrocodone is an important metabolite of codeine, which may be useful in monitoring medication use by pain patients and for drug testing.
New study suggests patients suffering from chronic osteomyelitis (COM) may be at increased risk of developing fibromyalgia (FM).
New research suggests that deep brain stimulation of the brain (subthalamic nucleus) may reduce heroin abuse in an animal model.
Adolescents who present with chronic pain may also have an eating disorder that goes undetected for twice as long as teens whose primary complaint is an eating disorder.
The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has released new guidelines on the management of diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN), but cautioned against use of opioids.
The Schroth method of personalized physical therapy exercises may correct curvature, improve pelvic alignment, and lessen pain in teens with scoliosis.
Researchers found a specific muscarinic receptor that may be able to prevent, and even reverse, the effects of peripheral neuropathy common in conditions, such as diabetes.
A new epidemiological study reports a possible connection between diagnosis with rotator cuff tendinopathy and an increased cardiovascular disease risk.
Vantrela ER (Hydrocondone biartrate extended-release) tablets, with a proprietary abuse deterrence technology, received FDA approval.
When faced with complaints of nausea and vomiting, common symptoms reported by patients with advanced malignancy, clinicians have had few appealing options given the usual treatments come with untenable, adverse side effects.
Preventable deaths due to opioids are far higher in rural counties compared to urban counties, and now significantly outweigh the overall national death rate.
The US Food and Drug Administration has released a new guidance document recommending a new naming system for current and future biological products.