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All Ethics and Legal Articles

Share the Risk model is an example of successful collaboration among interdisciplinary teams of clinicians and law enforcement to mitigate professional risks while improving patient care.
How to pain practioners keep patient trust during changing times: Affordable Care Act, insurance coverage changes, politics?
Dr. Jeffrey Fudin responds to Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) in this exclusive report from Practical Pain Management.
An interview with Jennifer Bolen, former Assistant US Attorney, about her role in clearing a doctor of criminal charges for high-dose opioid prescribing.
John F. Peppin, DO, FACP, tackles the debate surrounding urine drug monitoring in pain patients.
Question: What do you do with the patient who tests positive for marijuana on a urine test? Dr. Jennifer Schneider answers this Ask the Expert question.
What are a doctor's legal obligations if he or she suspects a patient of doctor shopping? This Ask the Expert question is answered by a lawyer and an addiction specialist.
Article examines evidence-based medicine and how to put it into practice in the pain field.
This article addresses the moral community of the clinical pain medicine encounter.
A brief description of the moral virtue and the chronic pain physician. Includes discussion about agency, intentions, and actions of pain physicians.
Article discusses what we know about the ethical system and pain should engage and direct the real-world applications of practice, research, and education.
Article describes the use of knowledge and intellectual virtues in practical pain management.
Article discusses how to preserve dignity with chronic pain patients for care at the end of life. Includes discussion of the nature of pain as well as the impact of pain.
Article discusses the role of primary care within a system of integrative multi-disciplinary pain management.
State intractable pain laws provide provisions for aggressive pain treatment while protecting doctors from unwarranted prosecution—provided that strict guidelines are followed.
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