After a Chronic Pain Diagnosis: Stages of Grief

The Kübler-Ross model outlines the progression of emotional stages an individual goes through when dealing with a serious issue, such as the loss of a loved one. Each emotion shown in the model can influence one another to form a natural process of coping. By learning how to channel those emotions, one can begin to learn and cope with a healthier, happier life. Using this model as a foundation, here are some of the emotional stages a person with a newly diagnosed chronic pain condition may experience. 

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Shock and Denial
Upon first hearing that you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, you may be at a loss for words. This reaction is entirely normal, as it may take a while for things to sink in. Being “in denial” means refusing to acknowledge your feelings and trying to conceal the challenges you may be facing, usually by ignoring them. Sometimes we do so unknowingly, but others times we are forcibly detaching ourselves from the situation. Read more.