7 Thoughtful Gifts for Mother's Day to Ease Her Chronic Pain

She makes you feel cherished every day of the year. So on Mother’s Day, don't miss the opportunity to treat your Mom, or Grandma, to some VIP pampering. If she lives with chronic pain, we've got some great ideas for you. Check out our guide with 7 suggestions from people who live with pain and physicians who treat it.

Shortly after Ally Godley was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome in 2011, she began to pen a blog entitled IBS Sisters. Besides sharing her experiences with others in her blog, the North Carolina resident also wanted to come up with a way to help others who live with chronic illness. Not only does she suffer from IBS, but she has polycystic ovarian disease, hypothyroidism, and generalized anxiety disorder.

pain relief in a boxThe ChronicAlly gift box delivers pain relief and inspiration to your door.

Inspiration in the Mail

Ally knows what it’s like to face pain every day. One day, the purveyors of a niche subscription box–not at all related to her various diagnoses—followed Ally on Instagram. The post gave her the idea to tailor a subscription box to women living with chronic illness. Last year, she launched the ChronicAlly Box, which she says, gives subscribers something to look forward to in their mailbox and is a lot more fun than receiving medical bills and lab work. Each month, the recipient of the ChronicAlly Box gets three to six full-sized beauty products, along with something inspirational. It might be a mug that reads, “You Got This” or a “Keep Going” necklace. Subscriptions start at $43.95 but there's also a smaller version, known as the ChronicAlly Treat Box for $27.95. Visit the website to check out the contents.

gel packs for painPain relieving gel patches may be more effective than ice at soothing shoulder, back and knee pain.

Pain-Relieving Gel Patch

Whether your Mother or Grandmother has back pain, arthritis, or neck and shoulder pain, the perfect gift is Salonpas lidocaine pain-relieving gel patches, says Robert Bolash, MD, a pain management specialist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. “They are better than ice because they create an area of numbness,” he explains. “These are very good for low back pain or shoulder pain, or really whatever focal area you are having pain.” “The patches are about the size of a small envelope so fit nicely in a small area of the body, such as your neck,” Dr. Bolash says. A package of six patches cost approximately $15 at stores like Target or on Amazon.

Inexpensive soakMom will look forward to giving her achy muscles a soak in a lavendar-scented tub.

Scented Salt to Soak In

Dr. Teal’s Therapeutic Solutions Epsom Salt Soaking Solution in a lavender scent is just perfect for soothing tired, aching muscles, says Allyson Shrikhande, MD, a physiatrist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “Lavender is great for calming people,” she says. “And an Epsom salt bath is ideal for relaxing muscles.” Epsom Salt Soaking Solution is available at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and online. Encourage Mom to take the time for herself to relax in a long, hot bath using her new gift! At about $5, Dr. Teal’s Therapeutic Solutions Epsom Salt Soaking Solution is an affordably thoughtful gift.

soothing oilsDoTERRA essential oils bring cooling relief and are especially great for treating foot pain.

Liquid Pain Relief

DoTERRA essential oils make an ideal gift for someone in chronic pain, Dr. Shrikhande says. The Pleasant Grove, Utah-based company makes single oils that come in varieties like basil, cardamom, bergamot, arborvitae, eucalyptus (which helps promote feelings of relaxation and clear breathing), and Douglas fir. Or mixtures such as Deep Blue, which combines wintergreen, peppermint, blue chamomile, and camphor and is especially soothing. Mom or Grandma can rub some DoTERRA oil on her fingers, wrists, shoulders, and neck for cooling, soothing relief. Or, try “massaging the oils on the bottom of your feet,” Dr. Shrikhande recommends. “They're great for soothing foot pain.”

turmeric teaPain relieving gel patches are better than ice at soothing shoulder, back and knee pain.

Sip Away the Pain

Turmeric is believed by many experts to have pain-relieving properties, and foods containing this ancient spice would certainly be a welcome Mother’s Day gift, Dr. Bolash says. “Consider giving Mom tea, cookies, or even a sauce made using turmeric,” he says. The Republic of Tea makes an organic turmeric and ginger green tea that has a sweet and earthy flavor enhanced by a hint of  honey. With just one fourth of the caffeine in coffee, a container of 50 tea bags is $12.50 on Amazon. Mom will sipping a comforting cup of hot  tea whenever she wants to take a little break.

hands-free pain reliefInflammation-reducing ice pack you don't need to hold on your body. Giver her the gift of hands-free pain relief.

A Cold Pack You Can Wear

Ice can be a terrific way to relieve pain but ice packs can be inconvenient because they have to be held in place with one hand. Why not give Mom (or Grandma) a hands-free ice pack? The Battle Creek MaxComfort Ice It! is a hot and cold “therapy wrap” that comes with two 6 by 9-inch ice packs and may be draped comfortably over Mom’s shoulder to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain.There’s also one designed specifically for knee pain. The shoulder hot and cold therapy wrap is around $22. Find it online at the rehab store.

ergonomically-correct sleepThis pillow will help her sleep better because it's ergonomically-designed to reduce head, shoulder, neck and back discomfort.

Sleep Better Pillow

For a more comfortable sleep, an ergonomically-correct pillow can make a big difference according to Dr. Bolash. “These pillows follow the contour of the neck,” he explains. "They’re designed to take the shape of the contours of the neck so they are excellent for relieving pain.” While she’s sleeping, relaxing with a book, or even traveling by plane or train, a neck pillow can make her more comfortable. The contour cervical pillow from Carex Health Brands ($37) is designed to help improve posture and reduce head, shoulder, neck and back discomfort. It's made of quality memory foam for long-lasting support and has a removable soft cover that's machine-washable. Find it at the company's website.




Updated on: 09/27/17