7 Over-the-Counter Pain Relief Devices: An Insiders' Guide

Justin S. Solotoff, MSPT, of Fairfield Physical Therapy Center in Fairfield, New Jersey reviews several over-the-counter pain relief devices. Here’s what you should know about some of the products on the market today. 

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Arched Back Stretcher

Arched Back Stretcher

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How They Work: These adjustable, bridge-shaped devices are tucked under the users’ lower back while they lie down. They are meant to stretch muscles, improve posture, and increase range of motion and flexibility. Some are dimpled, offering massage-type pressure to the lower back.

Who Might Want to Try Them: Patients with spinal stenosis, which is pressure on the spine due to narrowing of the spaces there. “These devices create almost a separation of the lower lumbar spine, so there’s not as much compression on the arteries and nerves that are causing pain,” Solotoff explains.

Photo courtesy of BackPainForever.com