7 Chair Yoga Poses for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA), a joint disease that causes painful swelling most often in the knees, hips and hands, affects 30 million people in the US. Research has shown that one of the most effective ways to reduce pain and improve quality of life for people with OA is exercise. Here are 7 poses selected by Kristine Lee, developer of the Sit N' Fit Yoga method, that can be performed from a seated positon.

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Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose

Resist the urge to hunch up your shoulers. Keep them soft, relaxed and away from the ears.

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Sit tall with a straight spine. Keep your heels under your knees, your knees in line with your hips, your rib cage lifted and the center of your head reaching up. Roll your shoulders up, then relax them back and down. Hold for several breaths.