8 Great Gifts for Loved Ones Living with Chronic Pain

For our second annual gift guide, we found 8 gifts we think will bring comfort and joy to friends and family living with chronic pain. Of course we consulted with Santa and our readers while compiling this collection of gift ideas that are practical, soothing, inspirational, indulgent, helpful and humorous.

#1. Message on a Blanket

A blanket that applauds the courage and determination people with chronic pain tap into every day. I am a movement unto myself. I face fear with bold determination and unstoppable courage. I never give up or give in. I always stay true to myself and exercise inner grit. I will explore this one life with passion and curiosity. Love is my strongest muscle. One day, one breath, one step at a time I choose optimism. I am powerful beyond measure. I am limitless. I am a resilient warrior. I am unbreakable.

That message written on a soft and comfy polycotton fleece blend blanket (84" X 84") is a lovely way to remind a loved one that you recognize their daily struggle with pain and applaud their courage and determination.  Price: $99; https://shop.canyonranch.com/products/mind-in-motion-blanket-change-the-world-one-blanket-at-a-time.

 #2. Noah the Narwhal: A Tale of Downs and Ups 

Noah the NarwalNoah the Arctic Narwhal helps teach kids about living with chronic migraine pain.Some days, Noah the Narwhal, the hero of this charming and instructive children’s book is on top of the world as befits an Arctic-dwelling sea mammal whose unique single tusk is thought to be the inspiration for the mythical unicorn. Other days, Noah can barely lift his head. You see Noah lives with chronic migraine, a condition his creator, author Judith Klausner knows well.

Like Noah, Klausner has chronic migraines and has “spent the last two decades figuring out how to build my life around unpredictable debilitation,” she says. Through Noah she gently explains why “today is not yesterday,” and why he—like Klausner—feels well one day and not so well the next. Noah the Narwhal is a children’s book but its message is ageless and the story is a perfect conversation starter about invisible illnesses and chronic pain with your child or your parent. With illustrations by Sarah Gould.  Price: $17.99; www.dancingmantispress.com

#3. Shaped to a Tea    

Tea SamplerCertain herbal teas, peppermint and ginger among them, have anti-inflammatory properties. No infuser required. Fashioned into hearts, stars, flowers and other whimsical shapes, Tea Drops turn a tea break into a cheerful occasion. Made of organic tea and spices and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar, these pressed tea pods come in a variety of herbal, healing and tasty blends including  citrus ginger, blueberry acai, rose earl grey, sweet peppermint, matcha green tea and turmeric tea each with its own healing or restorative properties.  Peppermint tea aids digestion. Turmeric tea has anti-inflammatory properties. Acai is an antioxidant. Just drop a tea drop into 8 ounces of boiling water, watch the drop dissolve and the flavor emerge. No tea bags, infusers or other paraphernalia required. Price: from $2 for single serves to $34 for the large sampler; www.myteadrop.com

 #4. Spec-tacular

TheraspecsFight damage done by fluorescent lights emitted from computer and device screens with this stylish eye wear.

 Heightened sensitivity to light is both a trigger for and a classic symptom of migraines. This sensitivity also troubles those with traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome, fibromyalgia and other conditions. Research suggests that filtering out specific wavelengths of blue-green light found in compact fluorescents, computer and device screens and elsewhere, helps diminish sensitivity. TheraSpecs eyewear–available with indoor or outdoor lenses—filters out the offending blue-green wavelengths. According to the company wearing the lenses around known light triggers can “actually reduce the frequency, duration and/or intensity of attacks a person with migraine experiences as well as halt the onset of other symptoms of chronic conditions (for example, nausea or vertigo from post-concussion syndrome).”  In addition to non-prescription models, TheraSpecs “Over-Rx" style can be worn over prescription eyewear. Price: from $99; www.theraspecs.com

 #5. Sealed with a Suite

Pill SuiteEasy-to-make individual daily dose packets is helpful for people on multiple medications. With the Pill Suite personal pill packaging system, people taking multiple meds —and those who care for them—can make individual daily dose packets. Simply sort the medications using the handy 7-day sorter, funnel the medication into an individual bio-degradable bag, seal it with the battery-operated mini sealer, label it with the day and date, AM or PM and any other pertinent info and then take as directed. The starter kit includes: sealer, 7-part sorter with built-in funnel, two rolls of 200 biodegradable pill bags, and 4 AA batteries. Medications made easy. Price: $33.96; refill bags $8.95 for 200; https://www.thegrommet.com/pillsuite-personal-pill-pack-system-1

#6. Dressed to Compress

Compression LegwearCompression leg wear has many benefits and now it's stylish, too.

Compression legwear isn’t likely to show up in a fashion magazine spread anytime soon but that doesn’t mean fatigue-relieving socks can’t be stylish. Vim&Vigr manufactures fashionable designs for men and women range from plaids to stripes to polka dots and more Compression socks are beneficial for air travelers to prevent deep vein thrombosis, people with certain types of edema and varicose veins and other conditions. And the support is definitely soothing for people on their feet all day. (A gift for that kind nurse, doctor or caregiver perhaps?). Price: from $32.95; www.vimvigr.com

#7. Wick Away

Cool Sleepwear for Hot WomenThis sleepwear was designed especially for women suffering from night sweats associated with chemotherapy and many hormonal conditions.

The chemotherapy to treat her invasive breast cancer catapulted Haralee Weintraub  into chemical menopause and eventually into a new career. Suffering from enervating night sweats, Haralee left her management and sales career to start a business designing “cool sleepwear for hot women.” Haralee.com Sleepwear is made in USA of 100% polyester and Chitosan, a naturally occurring, sustainable ingredient, derived from crab and shrimp shells. (People allergic to shellfish needn’t worry. It doesn’t cause an allergic reaction, says Haralee). This moisture-wicking, sleep friendly, non-pilling  sleepwear eases the discomforts of night sweats associated with chemotherapy, hormonal conditions such as hyperthyroidism, hypoglycemia and some anti-depressants. Available in sizes small to 3X. Price: under $75; www.haralee.com

#8. Charmed, We’re Sure

 CharmedJewelry that honors bravery.

Isabelle Grace creates jewelry that celebrates life, the ups and downs and the struggles we face. If you’re looking for jewelry that pays homage to the determination and bravery of a friend or loved one living with chronic pain, check out the inspirational necklace designs in the Epiphanies Collection that features charm necklaces stamped with an affirmation: Believe; Shine Bright; Fearless; I’m the hero of this story and more. You can also add your own words to the bar necklace. Price: $49 (Epiphanies Collection). But wait, here’s a gift for you, use code SAVE30 for 30% off purchases until Dec. 23rd. www.isabellegracejewelry.com/collections/epiphanies




Updated on: 06/05/19
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