Chronic Pain Warrior Wins

Practical Pain Management regularly surveys its online readers to ask how chronic pain impacts their life, and what they do to get through each day. Below are a series of questions and answers from you—Chronic Pain Warriors—and your daily wins (#PainWarriorWins).

We asked…
What do you do (in addition to pain medication) to manage your chronic pain.

Learn about at-home or on-the-go pain management devices and apps.

We asked…
What's the one thing you wish your family/friends understood about your chronic pain condition?

Be sure to check out our patient journeys on living with fibromyalgia, CRPS, EDS, and endometriosis.

We asked…
What would you describe as your most bothersome symptom, beyond pain?

The majority of responders said "fatigue." Read more about how exhaustion makes its way into a variety of pain conditions.

We asked…
What topics do you think organizations could best spend their clinical research funds?

Answers included: chronic pain relief for those without insurance, alternative pain medication, improved pain control, and more.

We asked,
How many doctors did you see before getting an accurate diagnosis of your chronic pain condition?

Answers ranged from 1 to 20. See what you should ask for more from your doctor.

We asked,
Have you tried mindfulness to take the focus of your pain? If so, what worked?

More mindful tips from PPM readers.

We asked,
If living with a chronic pain condition, have you found relationships/dating to be challenging? You responded:

We asked…
Have you tried tapering from opioid medications? 

Updated on: 09/18/20
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