7 Strategies to Help Avoid Health Insurance Claim Woes

Living with chronic pain or illness is challenging enough. No one wants the added stress of worrying about health coverage. To help navigate the insurance minefield, we asked experts what to do before a procedure or treatment to avoid a denial of services. When it comes to health insurance, avoidance is good. This means doing everything you can to make sure the care you need is covered. Below are 7 strategies that may help you guard against an insurance claim denial. Reported by Margaret Jaworski: See the full story here.

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1. Read Your Policy Thoroughly

1. Read Your Policy Thoroughly

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1. Read Your Policy Thoroughly
While it may be boring and arduous to decipher, every expert we spoke to agreed that the first step to avoiding unwanted denials is understanding your insurance policy’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB). The EOB you receive may be the full plan or a summary of benefits. Along with digesting what is covered, it’s equally important to pay attention to the exclusions portions of the plan that explains what is not covered. If you are unsure of the language or coverage, call the insurer and ask for a more detailed explanation.