6 Hobbies To Keep You Moving through Arthritis Pain

Having arthritis doesn’t have to mean putting an end to the daily activities you love. It’s never too late to start a new hobby to keep your body and mind active—even when under stress from the condition. Below is a list of activities or hobbies from UKS Mobility that arthritis sufferers can do with little to no strain on the joints; they can be easily modified if pain flares.

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Both knitting and crocheting can improve dexterity and keep your fingers limber, all while reducing stress and improving focus. To ensure that this task does not cause flare-ups in your hands and wrists, make sure to stretch beforehand (even soaking your hands in warm water or a heating pad may help), use ergonomic needles and hooks that cause less stress, use a softer wool fabric, and take regular breaks when you begin to feel tired.