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Diagnosing the exact cause of your chronic pain can be a long, challenging process. That's because there usually isn't one test that can definitively point to what's causing your pain. Our Labs and Diagnostics Tests Center explains the most common tests used to help diagnose pain.

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X-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, Blood Tests, and Nerve Tests
Lab and diagnostic tests for chronic pain can’t always provide a clear diagnosis because pain is such a multi-faceted issue. Article explains most common tests, including x-rays, MRIs, and nerve tests used to help diagnose the cause of chronic pain.

When his wife suddenly developed trigeminal neuralgia, the author took it upon himself to learn the science and regulations to raise awareness and help others facing complex chronic pain conditions.

A new visual art and public awareness initiative not only gives a face to chronic pain but also aims to remove the stigma around this complex disease.

A new public awareness campaign from the American Chronic Pain Association and BioDelivery Sciences International not only gives a face to chronic pain through digital body art but also aims to remove the stigma around these complex conditions. This is Pain.

When you love someone living with a chronic pain condition, your life changes too. Three family members share their side of the story.

During this season of giving, we honor those who give their time to care for those living with constant pain.

PPM’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Easing Chronic Pain Symptoms

Our annual holiday gift guide is here and includes art therapy, foot massagers, TENS units, and more!

After a near-fatal accident left her in chronic pain, Becky Curtis turned her energy to helping others. 

Much like life or career coaching, pain coaching may be an added strategy to your chronic pain management plan.
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