The Smart Patient's Guide to
Managing Pain in the Workplace

Convince Your Boss You Need a Sit-Stand Desk

Excessive sitting can contribute to back pain and has been associated with chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and hypertension.1,2 Regular exercise is key, but you can do more during the workday by using a standing desk.  Here's how to convince your boss it's worth the investment.

The following five benefits and video provided by VARIDESK may help convince your supervisor that your workspace needs to be more active.

Tip #1 Return on InvestmentTip #1: Return on Investment

All businesses measure money well spent when the return on investment produces benefits. Recent studies show the cost of a standing desk can actually offset its cost over time.3 This means even if the cost of a standing desk seems off-putting in the beginning, it will be more than worth it in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Tip #2 Improved Employee HealthTip #2: Long-Term Health Results in Fewer Sick Days

Employers want employees to be healthy. In one report, health issues cost companies a whopping $153 billion a year in lost productivity.4 By investing in employee health, there is a greater opportunity to increase productivity, reduce sick days, and lower health insurance costs.

  • Companies of all sizes provide height-adjustable sit-stand desk options for their employees.
  • Many employers provide reimbursement for a sit-stand desk solution when an employee asks.

Understanding that sitting for extended periods of time can cause or contribute to health issues, having the option to stand while working is good. Furthermore, standing is linked to a faster metabolism, better heart health, and reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.5

VARIDESK ProDesk60ElectricVARIDESK ProDesk60Electric

Tip #3 Improved Mood Means Greater ProductivityTip #3: Improved Mood Means Greater Productivity

Happy employees work harder, and having the option to stand while working can improve mood and energy, making employees more productive. One study found that happy employees were 12% more productive than the average worker compared to unhappy workers, who were 10% less productive.6

Tip #4 No Assembly Required—Quick and SimpleTip #4: Quick & Simple Assembly 

With VARIDESK, there is no assembly and no adjusting. You take it out of the box and it's ready to place on an existing desk. Quick, simple, pain- and stress-free!

Tip #5 No RiskTip #5: Zero Risk

If your VARIDESK doesn’t work with your current setup, you can return or exchange it, risk-free, within 30 days.



Learn about the ProDesk 60 Electric sit-stand desk model.

Updated on: 04/29/19
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