Gadgets and Gear to Manage Pain on Your Own

Pain relief devices you can use at home 

Sufferers of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, back or neck pain, and neuropathic pain know all too well the daily struggle of trying to handle everyday tasks without causing flare-ups. Luckily, many companies are working to make life easier for people with chronic pain conditions. Portable, wearable, and easy-to-use products can offer a helping hand when it’s needed most. From tools and gadgets to ointments and creams, here are six pain-friendly products that anyone seeking relief should know about.

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Arthritis - Clip Grip
For those struggling with gripping and holding drink containers like bottles and tumblers, a universal attachment called the “Clip Grip” (Milwaukee, WI) has made the process easier for those suffering from joint pain and arthritis. The device features a silicon handle with a belt-and-clasp system, an all-in-one tool that keeps drinks hotter and colder longer as well. Frequent reassembly is not required, providing a benefit to those with chronic joint pain.
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