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From TACs to hemicranias, these are the headaches you may not be aware of

Among the plethora of headache disorders, these rare kinds may be affecting you.

A new medication treatment for migraine sufferers is starting to make big waves.

Migraine sufferers are largely unaware of the new preventive medication. Here's a primer on why they may soon make a big impact.

Be prepared for your first appointment to discuss your migraine

Coming prepared with common migraine questions answered will help your doctor make a clear diagnosis.

Paying attention to what you eat -  along with trying natural remedies  - may help relieve chronic headache and migraine.

Combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, adding these supplements may do wonders for your headache pain.

Children can also suffer from chronic or episodic headaches, and it is important to recognize the symptoms

Don't overlook this serious neurological disorder in your child. Learn more about what migraine they may have.

New research in self-care suggests an unexpected way to ease headache pain

Orgasm from masturbation could release endorphins and hormones that relieve migraine.

It might be unrelated treatments that are triggering your migraine.

Watch what medications you're taking, as they may have definite migraine trigger properties.

Understanding the type of chronic head pain you have may lead to faster relief

Understanding the type of migraine or headache you have can help with diagnosis and treatment. This primer provides an introduction to living with migraine.

Headaches are generally a benign pain that children and teens have to deal with just like adults. However, the pain could be a sign of a more serious issue, so understanding symptoms is important.

As your child heads back to school, know the signs and symptoms of the 4 most common types of headaches.

Seek professional help, pay attention to diet and migraine triggers, and have a support plan in place to rally when you are in the thick of a migraine attack.

Bonnie Besserer's family knows what to do when a migraine is coming. Her family have a support plan in place to rally at work and at home. Learn more about the importance of family support is you live with chronic migraines.

“I Wouldn’t Wish This On My Worst Enemy”

Bonnie Besserer would not wish migraines on her worst enemy. A chronic migraine sufferer, find out how Bonnie copes with living with a chronic pain condition.

How Does Your Migraine Affect Others?

Survey of migraine patients finds chronic migraine impacts entire family. Learn more about how migraines affect families.

Return to school, often means return of headaches. Here are 6 tips to help your child prevent or relieve headaches.

6 Tips to help parents reduce headaches in children

Nearly 38% of migraine patients who used the Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (TMS) were headache-free two hours after using the device; after 24 hours, nearly 34% of the Cerena TMS users were pain-free.

Device does not treat migraine-related light or sound sensitivity of symptoms of nausea.