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Acupuncture, Dietary Supplements, and Massage:  Will They Work?

Should you try alternative treatments to relieve your lupus symptoms? Find out in this article your options.

What Triggers Lupus?  What are the Risk Factors?

While the medical community doesn't know exactly what causes lupus, they have some clues. Read about lupus triggers and risk factors.

Counseling, Journalling, and Support Groups Can Help

You're probably already well-aware that lupus comes with emotional effects: How do you deal with them? Learn the best ways to cope in this article.

How Exercise, Dieting, and Relaxation Can Help Combat Your Lupus.

6 lifestyle tips for people with lupus: What can you do every day to help control this condition? Article reviewed by a rheumatologist from the Mayo Clinic.

What Are the Best Ways to Treat Lupus?

Lupus treatment must be personalized. Treatments include hydroxychloroquine, NSAIDs, steroids, and drugs that suppress the immune system.

Understanding How to Diagnose Lupus.

Lupus diagnosis is complex, but this article will help you better understand the process. Reviewed by a rheumatologist from the Mayo Clinic.

Lupus Symptoms and Causes

Lupus occurs when the immune system makes antibodies that attack healthy cells, creating inflammation and many symptoms, including pain. Lupus’s cause is linked to environmental triggers, including stress. Learn what can make your lupus act up.