PPM House Calls: Answering Your Chronic Pain Qs

Live Q&As between clinicians and patients.

Every month, we invite pain management experts and patient advocates to share their chronic pain journeys, their experience with treatments and self-care, and to answer your questions. These sessions are held live but can be streamed afterward to meet your scheduling needs.




Migraine & Mental Health

June 18, 2020 

Neurologist and headache expert Lawrence Robbins, MD, and patient advocate Jaime Sanders (author of The Migraine Diva) answer questions on treatments, self-care strategies, anxiety and depression as part of migraine disease, coping during COVID, and more. 

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How Coronavirus is Affecting Pain Patients and Pain Care

April 29, 2020

PPM Editors-at-Large Jeff Gudin, MD, and Jeffrey Fudin, PharmD, discuss high-risk individuals, self-care strategies, medication management (including opioid prescriptions), telemedicine, and more. View the recorded session:  

Using Art to Cope with Chronic Pain

April 13, 2020
Patient advocate Jenni Grover gives a simple but fun craft demonstration while talking about her personal pain journey. View this recorded session on Facebook.
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