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A relatively new treatment modality, platelet rich plasma prolotherapy, demonstrates effectiveness in case studies of patients with sacroiliac (SI) joint ligament laxity and painful dysfunction.
Fluoroscopic-guided injection of anesthetic and corticosteroids into the occipito-atlanto joints may successfully treat occipital headaches and upper spine pain.
A novel approach to the treatment of neck pain and postural dysfunction by a self-administered therapy provides an immediate treatment effect in the form of disc positional and conformational changes.
This article highlights some of the common causes of cervical-related pain and referred pain. Article also includes a case report that shows the premise of referred TMJ pain from cervical injury.
About half of the population will experience cervical spine pain or headaches at some point in their lives. Article discusses deep cervical muscle dysfunction and its role in myofascial pain.
Poor posture is sometimes at the root of neck pain; article reviews a treatment to restore cervical lordosis.
Using the prone posterior iliac glide test, the pain practitioner can clinically detect instability of the sacroiliac joint and confirm restoration of stability following prolotherapy.
The plethora of available treatment methods for low back pain (LBP) is a clear testimonial to the lack of efficacy of any one method to significantly reduce low back pain. Articles looks at neuromuscular deep core muscle reactivation as a treatment for low back pain.
Low back pain doesn’t always come from the back. Physical diagnosis techniques exist to help differentiate back pain originating from other than the lumbar spine. Learn more about these back pain diagnostic techniques.
In the presence of overt, symptomatic intervertebral disc disease, preliminary results of non-surgical spinal decompression (NSSD) suggest a stronger therapeutic effect than conventional traction and may offer a non-surgical alternative to some patients.
Patients suffering from cervical radiating pain require careful evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment to address their condition.
This article discusses how strength and endurance training can help manage symptoms related to mechanical impairment of the neck.
The partial displacement or dislocation of the sacroiliac joint is a poorly understood and seldom diagnosed condition that may be responsible for a number of back pain or upper body painful conditions. Learn more in this article.
Article provides a brief review of evaluation and treatment strategies for sports-specific disorders for patients who have spine pain.
Prolotherapy is a reasonable and conservative treatment option for musculoskeletal low back pain, disc disease, and sciatica. Article gives an overview of prolotherapy for low back pain.
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