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All Discogenic Pain Articles

Vertebroplasty has been shown no better than local anesthetic for osteoporotic pain in vertebral fractures.
Patients with neck and upper extremity pain and underlying multilevel cervical disc disease present special problems in the diagnosis and management of the primary pain generator.
Case describes surgical results in a 49-year-old radiology nurse who has battled chronic low back pain for years.
Learn about a technology update of current minimally invasive treatment options for lumbar discogenic pathology and internal disc disruption.
Learn about intervertebral decompression as a treatment for lumbar spine pain. Should your patients have this done to treat their chronic spine pain?
Article provides an overview of treating back pain in the lumbar spine. Includes discussion of how injection techniques play a major role in the management of disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
A novel approach to the treatment of neck pain and postural dysfunction by a self-administered therapy provides an immediate treatment effect in the form of disc positional and conformational changes.
This article highlights some of the common causes of cervical-related pain and referred pain. Article also includes a case report that shows the premise of referred TMJ pain from cervical injury.
In the presence of overt, symptomatic intervertebral disc disease, preliminary results of non-surgical spinal decompression (NSSD) suggest a stronger therapeutic effect than conventional traction and may offer a non-surgical alternative to some patients.
Diagnostic and therapeutic intradiscal interventions for pain generated from internal disc disruption.
Successful outpatient treatment of symptomatic spinal claudication utilizing a new minimally-invasive percutaneous decompression/discectomy device.
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