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Applying a multidisciplinary approach to a complex case.
Vertebroplasty has been shown no better than local anesthetic for osteoporotic pain in vertebral fractures.
Dan Reynolds, lead vocalist with Imagine Dragons, goes public with his diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis and shares his efforts to manage the pain and stay active.
PPM's expanded coverage of arachnoiditis includes a discussion of the role of glia cell activation and neuroinflammation in the progressive of this inflammatory disorder.
Learn more about the results of the SpineUniverse Chronic Back and Neck Pain in America survey.
This review article highlights current knowledge on the association between low back pain and smoking, with an emphasis on the role of nicotine.
Investigators present a case of a woman with notalgia paresthetica, which included symptoms of severe pruritus (itching) and sporadic pain located on her back between her shoulder blades.
Aggressive treatment, including some off-label, non-standard measures, can provide pain relief and improvement in patient function.
Mention the word “arachnoiditis” to experienced clinicians, and they are liable to ask, “What is it?” or state, “I’ve not heard of it.” It is no wonder that it is a poorly known disease because it is listed as “rare” by the National Organization for Rare Disorders. To those of us who deal with severe, intractable pain, however, arachnoiditis is well-known.
Every year, approximately 3 million people in the United States suffer from whiplash,1 resulting in an estimated $43 billion in comprehensive costs.2 Over the past few decades, these injuries have been on the rise worldwide.
The incidence of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) in the United States has been estimated at 8% to 11% of the population. As the “baby boomers” age, an estimated 2.4 million Americans will be affected by LSS by 2021. This article review non surgical and surgical options for managing lumbar spinal stenosis
Fall leaves US Serviceman with polytrauma: lumbar disc desiccation, bulging disc, and compression of the nerve root.
Article reviews the anatomy, common causes, and practical approaches to the management of neck pain.
Review of pain fiber nerve conduction study for diagnosing spinal pain.
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