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Study Finds Fatigue a Frequent Symptom of Endometriosis

Researchers call for better management of sleep and depression with this painful condition

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Researchers of a new study1 uncovered just how frequent the symptom of fatigue is in patients with diagnosed endometriosis. Despite the fact that fatigue can greatly impact the quality of life, the authors noted that very few studies with large sample sizes have investigated this condition as a symptom of endometriosis.

“Fatigue is an underestimated symptom of endometriosis as it affects the majority of women with endometriosis, but it is not widely discussed in literature,” stated the researchers in the study’s abstract.

Their multi-center, matched case-control study collected patient data (n = 1,120) from hospitals and private practices across Switzerland, Germany, and Austria between 2010 and 2016. Of these, 560 (50%) had endometriosis. Those women were matched with 560 control women in regard to age and ethnic background. The data were collected from surgical and histological reports as well as data retrieved from a self-administered questionnaire.

Frequent fatigue was experienced by a majority of the women diagnosed with endometriosis (50.7% versus 22.4% in control women, p < 0.001). Fatigue with endometriosis was also associated with insomnia (OR: 7.31, CI: 4.62–11.56, p < 0.001), depression (OR: 4.45, CI: 2.76–7.19, P < 0.001), pain (OR: 2.22, CI: 1.52–3.23, p < 0.001), and occupational stress (OR: 1.45, CI: 1.02–2.07, p = 0.037), but was independent of age, time since first diagnosis, and stage of the disease.1

Based on their findings, the authors suggested that fatigue, along with insomnia and depression, be better addressed in the discussion of the management and treatment of the disease.

Last updated on: July 24, 2018
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