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All Abdominal and Pelvis Pain Articles

Common dryness and other symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy may be alleviated with topical oxytocin gel
Forest Tennant, MD, DrPH explores the original writings of Thomas Addison, MD, (Addison's Disease) to detail stories of chronic pain and adrenal failure.
One-third of women without a known pelvic condition reported high degree of pain. Researchers suggest physicians consider asking about pain, even during routine visits.
Chronic pelvic pain is a prevalent disorder that is often underdiagnosed and inadequately treated. Learn more about tips to aid in the differential diagnosis of chronic pelvic pain and the role of pelvic floor physical therapy in treating the many types of chronic pelvic pain.
This series of cases illustrates the authors’ experiences of using intercostal nerve blocks and local infiltration of anesthetics to diagnose and treat this obscure syndrome.
New research suggests interstitial cystitis (IC), a painful bladder disorder, is quite prevalent in the general population. Learn about this type of chronic pelvic pain in this article.
The prevalence of generalized vulvodynia may have been historically under-recognized by the medical profession. Article on this type of chronic pelvic pain.
Gynecological pain can impose physical limitations on new mothers, making child-care, sitting, walking, and other activities extremely difficult and painful.