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Parkinson's Initiative—Women and PD Talk

To address sex and gender disparities in Parkinson's disease research and management, the Parkinson's Foundation launched this national program to develop recommendations on patient-centered care.

The Parkinson’s Foundation has launched a national initiative called Women and PD TALK (Teams to Advance Learning and Knowledge) to address the gender disparities in Parkinson’s research and care. Women and PD TALK involves a multidisciplinary team of experts developing and implementing first-of-a-kind national recommendations to improve patient-centered research and care for women.1,2

During its 2-year term, the project will establish a national network of 10 sites that will engage communities in identifying women’s needs and prioritizing solutions. Regional forums, designed to educate and collect the insights of women with Parkinson’s, will drive the project. Experts will use these insights to develop an action plan to change the landscape of PD care.

“Research is beginning to prove what the medical community has long suspected: that women experience Parkinson’s differently, as it relates to diagnosis, symptoms, progression, treatment complications, and care,” said Allison Willis, MD, MS, co-lead of Women and PD TALK and an assistant professor of neurology, biostatistics, and epidemiology in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. “We applaud the Parkinson’s Foundation for putting the unique needs of women on the map with Women and PD TALK, a project that may lead to breakthroughs for women and men.”

Last updated on: March 5, 2019
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