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All Lupus and Other Autoimmune Disorders Articles

Hydroxychloroquine is considered to be an effective treatment option for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) to sustain disease remission and reduce the risk of irreversible renal damage.
Question: A 55 year-old woman with lupus was taking pregabalin (Lyrica) for 2-years, then developed suicidal ideation. Could this be related to the pregabalin, a drug-drug interaction, or her disease?   
Gary W. Jay, MD, FAAPM knew Janet Travell, MD, the physician who treated John F. Kennedy's pain. He comments on her pain management plan.
John F. Kennedy’s medical history highlights how a genetic autoimmune disorder became centralized intractable pain.
Article provides practical information on treating the pain of lupus. Covers medications, exercise, sleep, and more.
Although some of the pathophysiology of lupus is known, it is clear that there remains much that is unknown. This entity, also known as the great imitator, can be difficult to diagnose because it shares symptoms with many other disorders.
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