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Two New Products May Alleviate Cluster Headaches & Migraine Pain

Pain relief stimulators make their way to market

In the Pipeline - A PPM Brief

As the search for headache and migraine pain alleviation continues, new products continue to enter and emerge from the pharmaceutical device pipeline. Autonomic Technologies, Inc. (Mountain View, CA) published results of its study on the Pulsante SPG Microstimulator System, aimed at relieving cluster headache symptoms. The trans-oral microstimulator targets the sphenopalatine ganglion.

Study subjects (88 chronic, 9 episodic) recorded stimulation effect for individual attacks, followed by clinic visits to monitor the use and frequency of preventive and acute medications, headache impact, and quality of life. At the end of the 12-month trial, 78 chronic and 7 episodic subjects remained implanted and were evaluated for effectiveness. “67% of patients using acute treatments were able to reduce the use of these by 52% and 74% of chronic patients were able to stop, reduce or remain off all preventive medications,” according to the study report. “Among all patients, 13,6000 attacks were acutely treated with SPG stimulation,” according to a company release.

Overall, the microstimulator system may have potential to improve and/or reduce cluster headache attacks and overall quality of life in suffering patients.

In related news, FDA has approved a hand-held vagus nerve stimulator for migraine pain. The device, gammaCore by electroCore, LLC (Basking Ridge NJ), originally labeled for episodic cluster headache pain in April 207, is now indicated for migraine usage in adults. The portable device releases a mild electrical stimulation over the neck’s vagus nerve. The device was tested among 243 patients with episodic migraine, demonstrating significantly higher pain-free rates at 30 and 60 minutes, with slightly less significance at 120 minutes, after attack than a sham device.

Read about another migraine device from Cefaly.

Last updated on: June 16, 2020
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