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All Post-surgical Pain Articles

A review of the emerging intravenous formulations of known analgesics, tramadol and meloxicam, for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe post-operative pain and acute pain.
If approved, the medication may offer more effective postoperative pain management.
Between 5 and 10 percent of patients still suffer neuropathic pain twelve to eighteen months following a knee operation.
Perioperative, slow-release analgesics should be the first option used to prevent the development of chronic pain from surgical procedures.
New prodrug Apadaz is the first of its kind to tackle short-term acute pain.
What do you do about patients with persistent postsurgical pain? Or better yet: how do you prevent it to begin with? Read this article from a pain expert to find out.
Postoperative pain syndromes have been recognized as a bona fide problem with primary inguinal hernia repairs with mesh. Literature review of lessons learned and how to address this pain problem in your patients.
Dr. Mackey, Chief of the Pain Management Division at Standford University, discusses why acute postoperative pain becomes chronic pain in some cases.
Article considers patient-controlled analgesia for pain control in children.
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