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Meeting Highlights from PAINWeek 2018

Meeting Information

September 4-8, 2018
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, NV

PAINWeek 2018 conference attendees should be to be able to take away current, clinically practical, and relevant knowledge that can be meaningfully implemented into practice to help better manage patients with chronic pain as safely and effectively as possible. As the focus of chronic pain management shifts more toward interprofessional care models, attendees will also benefit from the delivery of education directed toward all disciplines involved with the care of patients with chronic pain.

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From this Meeting:

For CPSP patients, medication and interventional approaches may provide relief, but also be aware of the role of sensory afferent input, says Michael Bottros, MD.
UDM: The case for using prompt definitive testing methods in patients on opioid therapy. A PAINWeek 2018 highlight with Jeffrey Bettinger, PharmD, and Jeffrey Fudin, PharmD.
Can medical marijuana help your pain patients? Michael Schatman shares the latest research—and some disturbing trends.
Anecdotal evidence may pave way for this “forgotten gem'' to prevent or reverse opioid-induced side effects, with Charles Louy, PhD.
A brief look at analgesics of the future with Jeff Gudin, MD, at PAINWeek 2018.
What to expect at PAINWeek 2018
Key considerations and best practices for the use of stem cells and other regenerative medicine in the treatment of joint and non-resolving inflammatory pain.
In the past decade, SFN has become linked increasingly with an expanding number of medical conditions; what clinicians need to know about advances, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatments, with Charles Argoff, MD.
Proper assessment and communication with this vulnerable patient population may improve potential outcomes.
New PPM Co-Editors-at-Large share early impressions of PAINWeek 2018 as well as some thoughts about the future direction of the journal.
Keynote presentation featuring Jennifer Bolen, JD, Michael R. Clark, MD, and Kevin L. Zacharoff, MD, offers a deep dive into finding balance in quality care.
From SCS to cooled radiofrequency ablation, Dr. Paul J. Christo reviews traditional and emerging interventional procedures for chronic back pain at PAINWeek 2018.
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