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Meeting Highlights from PAINWeek 2016

Meeting Information

September 6-10, 2016
The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, NV

This year's PAINWeek conference was held in Las Vegas's Cosmopolitan Hotel. Practitioners from all over the country attended the meeting, which featured numerous lectures and roundtables on the most significant topics and problems facing clinicians, today. The following are some highlights from the meeting.

From this Meeting:

2016 PAINWeek highlight finds duloxetine a more effective treatment for neuropathic pain compared to venlafaxine.
PAINWeek meeting highlight describes Dr. Michael Bottros's findings of reduced mortality rates in patients treated with epidural analgesia in trauma centers.
Kidney stornes are considered one of the most painful conditions to present to the emergency department. Learn more about the benefits of using lidocaine infusion as an intervention for renal colic pain in the emergency department.
New PAINWeek 2016 highlight covers the latest 4th interim analysis of the OPERA ongoing clinical trial.
Patients often interpret commonly used medical terms differently than the clinician intended. Learn more about how clinician terminology can confuse and mislead patients into negative perceptions and behaviors with their chronic low back pain.
PAINWeek conference highlight describes the findings of a retrospective study into a community-based pain care clinic in Vancouver treating patients with myofascial pain.
PAINWeek 2016 highlight covers new clinical insights into Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections.
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