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Meeting Highlights from American Academy of Pain Medicine 2018 Annual Meeting

Meeting Information

April 26-29, 2018
Vancouver, ON

AAPM's 34th Annual Meeting & Preconferences in Vancouver will feature the theme Managing Acute & High-Impact Chronic Pain Through Multidisciplinary Care, and has been designed to provide key stakeholders with the skills and knowledge necessary to improve the care provided to patients and to optimize patient outcomes. 

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From this Meeting:

AAPM President Steven P. Stanos, DO, on the academy's support of the FDA’s recent announcement to develop evidence-based opioid prescribing guidelines.
Over time, CBT may be able to improve outcomes of patients dealing with the complex, cyclical relationship of sleep and chronic pain.
Multimodal care approaches to managing chronic pain are growing in interest—and new data supports the trend
Infused ketamine's opioid-sparing role in chronic pain management for non-cancer patients is growing.
A multidisciplinary team’s use of nerve imaging may change the understanding of chronic pain disease and alter treatment plans.
Where do evolving state and federal legislation and litigation leave pain practitioners, as well as primary care physicians? Some practical legal advice from Dr. Lynn Webster and Attorney Michael Barnes
Distinguishing cluster headaches from other trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias.
Gerald Aronoff, MD, medical director of the Carolina Pain Associates, on the pain management community’s heightened focus on multidisciplinary wellness and the impact of smoking and marijuana on pain relief.
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