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Meeting Highlights from Academy of Integrative Pain Management 27th Annual Meeting

Meeting Information

September 21-25, 2016
JW Marriott Hill Country Club San Antonio, TX

The largest gathering of integrative pain specialists, the AIPM, formerly known as the American Academy of Pain Management, held its annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, in September. The meeting highlights the latest research into new complementary and alternative treatments for pain management. 

From this Meeting:

With more than 100 million adults reporting chronic pain, and 25 million complaining of pain daily, the need for a National Pain Strategy is a clearly needed to guide better, more coordinated, evidence based treatment and reimbursement for care This was the featured topic of keynote presentation by Linda Porter, PhD, director of the National Institutes of Health Office of Pain Policy.
This highlight from the Academy of Integrative Pain Medicine meeting describes the prevalence of growth hormone deficiency in adult fibromyalgia patients, which typically goes undiagnosed and untreated.
Experts discussed the challenge of treating a trifecta of conditions—chronic pain, inflammation, and disordered sleep. Learn more about how to treat a patient who presents with symptoms of all 3, viewed as the Perfect Storm.
The successful use of combination therapy including ketamine transfusion and psychotherapy for treatment of co-occurring CRPS pain and PTSD symptoms, was discussed in a case presentation of a female military personnel by Benjamin Keizer, PhD.
Highlight from a presentation by John E Garzione, DPT, at the Academy of Integrative Pain Medicine 2016 annual meeting. His session, "Musculoskeletal Pain: Is the issue in the tissue?" details a multimodal approach that incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy with physical therapy for chronic pain.
A case presentation on successful treatment of CRPS-related pain using 2 different mobile neurostimulation devices.